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Kick 'Em Out And Keep 'Em Out

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Humane, effective bird exclusion service at a fair price

River Valley Wildlife Specialists, LLC offers humane residential  and commercial bird exclusion services for most types of birds. Birds can cause health problems and damage to property. If your home or business is inhabited by birds, you need our experienced exclusion team to help you with the removal and cleanup.


If your yard is constantly polluted with bird droppings or your home is being damaged or plagued by pigeons and other annoying birds, call 563-343-9454.

Comprehensive services for bird control

Our knowledgeable crew provides prompt and professional service. We are equipped with everything we need to complete your job

Our locally owned and family operated small business will always provide a realistic, comprehensive overview of your problem.

Regain control of your property today

We install stainless steal, lifetime transferrable warranty bird barrier spikes as well as netting to exclude birds from residential and commercial properties.

Don't let a bird infestation take over your yard or home.

Call 563-343-9454


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